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Friday, July 2, 2010

Crocodile eating a mans arm!

Man has his arm ripped off by an Asian Crocodile! Crocodile does a death roll and takes his arm off just above the elbow. Damn that had to hurt!!!

Swimming with Carnivores: Australian Men Eaten By Crocodiles

Why would anyone jump into a Crocodile infested river? To get to other side, naturally! Unfortunately that’s if you can get to the other side anyways. In Australia, it would seem that people living there would be wise enough not to swim in the rivers and lakes there. After all, that country is renowned for their over sized Salt Water Crocks, thanks to Steve Erwin. But, this author can only guess that being an Australian and being aware of the dangers of swimming in a Crock filled river at night, don’t always go hand in hand.

A 20 year old man, drunk from drinking with his brother-in-law, decided to tempt fate and launch himself into the dark waters of the Daly River, 200 miles south of the Northern Territory capital of Darwin with his brother-in-law. Instead of heading to a bridge to reach the other side of the river, where they had camped with relatives, they decided to swim across to the far bank. He and his Brother-in-law both made the swim, but for some reason he ended up behind a little as his wife watched from a short distance near by.

According to the report, they heard a few loud screams and heavy splashing. His wife claims she witnessed her husband get dragged down under the water and then pulled out into the dark waters beyond her sight.

Locals had said a large crocodile had been seen in the area in previous days and no-one had dared venture into the water, but after a night of drinking, said a police officer, it appeared that the two men had thrown caution to the wind and had decided to take a ‘short cut’ back to the camping ground by swimming across the river. Even though there were several signs that warned of the animals in the waters.

“‘While we cannot confirm with absolute certainty that the man has been killed by a crocodile, everyone needs to consider the likelihood that the one time you have trouble swimming is the same time that a crocodile is seen next to you.” Said a Police Officer investigator after the incident.

Police have established a half-mile exclusion zone in the area to make sure that no-one else is attacked while the hunt for crocodiles continues. They are looking for a 14 foot monster, but they fear that the victim’s body may never be found. The animal itself is quite capable of ingesting the man whole and digesting him, which could take several weeks before the Animal releases his body as excrement.

The suspected crocodile attack was the third death by one of the reptiles in northern Australia in recent months, the two earlier incidents involving children.

The Northern Territory is concerned about the rising number of crocodile attacks occurring in or near urban areas, is considering a plan to either destroy or move any of the reptiles found within 20 miles of Darwin.

In another incident involving a man and meat-eating reptile, a well-known British pensioner named Arthur Booker, 63, was believed to be checking a crab trap on the shores on the Endeavour River near Cooktown in north Queensland.When a 20+ foot crocodile named Charlie is suspected of grabbing the man by his arm and dragging him down under. Charlie has been caught once before and tagged for conservation reasons, and suspected of being the only Crock large enough in the area to drag of Mr.Booker without much sound or warning.

His wife who went looking for her missing husband found a crab pot rope snapped on the bank, along with large crocodile slide marks and the couples’ new video recorder. Mr Booker’s watch was found at the scene, along with one sandal.

The news came as the father of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin begged authorities not to kill the crocodile responsible. Conservationist Bob Irwin said the crocodile had just been doing what it had to do to survive in the wild.

“The crocodile was simply hunting for food. It’s what they obviously have to do in the wild to survive. Because of his reported size, it’s likely that this area of the river would have been his home for at least fifty years.” Said Mr.Irwin

“There are signs all over the area warning locals and tourists that the area is home to saltwater crocodiles,” he said.

“I feel tremendously sorry for the man’s family, and my deepest sympathy goes out to them.

“It is very, very sad for the family. But you really can’t blame the crocodile.”

This Author would have to agree. After all….these are Crocodiles, and we are just slabs of meat to them, unfortunately that just means, we can’t really blame them for eating people, now can we?

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